Do you travel?

Do I need a second shooter? 

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How many photos do we get?

Do you give out the RAW files?

What is your turnaround time?

What do you do in lowlight situations?

Can you help us with planning?

Do you have a contract? 

Absolutely. Contracts protect both you and I if anything were to happen on either end. 

I am so glad you asked! There is so much more to being a photographer than just editing and taking photos. As you are in the process of hiring me, work is being done. You will be onboarded as a new client. From there, an invoice and contract will be drawn up and timeline will be created as your wedding day approaches. So, many other things are considered for this amount. When you put the retainer fee, that doesn't just mean I take your money and run! I have certainly worked for it. A retainer also helps guarantee that we will be working together and saves your date!

Why is the 25% retainer non-refundable?

In lowlight situations, my camera works great. But, if it is too dark, I have an external flash that I attach to the top of my camera. Sometimes I shoot with direct flash which gives the photos a fun, vintage, Hollywood look!

What if I don't know posing?

The answer is always YES! I love traveling and am open to going anywhere! I have been nearly every state west of Missouri and plan on hitting every single one.

I HIGHLY recommend a day of coordinator! I had one for mine and it went so much smoother and I didn't have to deal with questions from people on day of. The major planning I help with is a detailed photography schedule so you do not have to worry about where I am at on your wedding day!

Do not WORRY!! I got you. I help with posing so you don't have to feel like you should know what you are doing. I will go through a series of prompts to help with poses! Some times I even play some music in the background and it helps loosen up the atmosphere.

No. I do not give out my unedited photos because I hope you trust me as a photographer and editor! I love what I do and hope you can see that through my editing style and work. I love consistency

For mini sessions, about two weeks! For weddings, it is currently extended. Please expect 4-8 weeks for your album to be completely done.

I do not limit the number of photos you get as of right now! Usually a 15 minute session will get you about 20-30 high quality, edited photos! Weddings vary significantly.

Second shooters are not always needed. This is MY personal opinion, each photographer varies. I recommend them for longer coverage (10+ hours) and for larger weddings (200+). There is an additional fee to add on a second shooter. 


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