NOW offering film add-on! 

NOW offering film add-on! 

Thank you for swinging by and checking out this page! You are so welcome here. Let's put our brains together and dream of something spectacular for your session, wedding, elopement, or whatever it is. I am inspired by you! If that means smashing a pizza at your favorite restaurant or skipping by the movies for the film lovers, I love dreaming up of something unique to YOU.

I specialize in couples and elopements with some hints of fun portrait sessions. We would be a fantastic match if you are EXCITED about photos that are unique, editorial-like and that shy away from the mushy-gushy all-smiling sessions! I thrive in witnessing warm, dramatic feelings and I hope my photos reflect that. People are usually classified as light and airy or dark and moody, but I would say I am a little in the middle. My photos are usually a little more true to tone yet warm and affectionate. If you see yourself in my photos, let's be friends. 

I will go wherever you will go. Thinking about having a rad session in the Smoky Mountains or on the coasts of California? I say, let's do it. 








Every album is curated io fit your story. 

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To all my Anti-Brides desperately wanting to branch out from the mainstream predictable / “light and airy” / posed wedding photography but don’t know where to begin.. you have found the photographer you’ve been praying for. 

I can’t imagine what my wedding would have been like had Ashlyn not been our photographer. Aside from being an awesome human who help will keep you CALM (something brides-to-be don’t often consider when booking their photographer), collected, and confident on the day of, Ashlyn is ahead of the game when it comes to wedding photography. She knows how to get the most intimate, fun, candid, yet old-Hollywood, Vogue magazine-style shots that are personal to you and your S/O! I’m so excited to see her future photography work as well. 

You’re so gifted Ashlyn! Thank you thank you thank you dear friend for making the 8 hour drive. We love you!

Chloe & mitchell

Love Notes

Chloe & mitchell

There are no words! Ashlyn was incredible! We are so thankful that we chose her to be part of our intimiate wedding. Our guests went out of their way multiple times during and in the weeks following the event to say how impressed they were with her professionalism and likability. We displayed our photos at a reception dinner about a month later and people were amazed! "Timeless!" was what I heard over and over. She did a fantastic job with capturing the big and small moments. I had a lot of trouble narrowing down the ones to share with my review. They are all amazing and we will cherish them for the rest of our lives. Thank you Ashlyn!

Kaitlyn & austin

Love Notes

There are truly not enough words and I'm tearing up just writing this... Ashlyn was an absolute dream. She created such a warm environment where we felt completely at home and captured our love in it's purest form. Halt your planning right now and book her! We could not recommend a better photographer. We love you, Ashlyn! Thank you.

Leah & Dusty

Love Notes

We finished looking at them today and I am simply blown away. I remember when I found you on Instagram from a giveaway and I immediately though to myself  "I want HER for my wedding!"

Your work is absolutely stunning and we are beyond blessed to have had you do photography for this special season of our life. It is incredible to watch you use your God given passion and talent to bless people like us. 

Justin and I are forever grateful for you! It is so special to us to have these photographs for the rest of our lives, to share with those around us, and with those to come.

annie & justin

Love Notes

5 stars honestly does not do Ashlyn justice.

When I say we were beyond blessed to have found her, and you will be to, I truly mean that. When I found Ashlyn she was still living in Missouri but planning to soon move. Even after she moved there was never a lapse in communication. She reached out, and was always so quick to respond even being states away. The week leading up to my wedding she reached out multiple times to ask if we needed anything, and offer help, as well as to make sure we had everything and were ready.

The day of our wedding was magical. She helped it genuinely run so seamlessly and on schedule while also making it not feel rushed or pressured in the slightest. She got all the pictures, all the angles, and captured every moment we wanted and hoped for. We got our pictures back in such a timely manner and there is honestly not one single picture we have not fallen in love with.

She is the best person. So genuinely kind and caring, and there is not a doubt that she will be the BEST fit to anyone’s big day.

Shiane & dallas

Love Notes

I am so beyond EXCITED to connect with you.



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